Thursday, September 17, 2009

extremely overdue!!!

wow!!! this is many months behind!!! so many photographs taken since.... where should i begin????? this has been a difficult yet wonderful year so far.
i have never considered myself a good writer or storyteller! so, bare with me and ill be brief.

i now truely know how it feels to be held. never been closer to God, so how can i complain? not complaining, just learning more about God's grace and mercies.
 in march i lost one of my favorites, my dog winston. no clue he was sick, taking him in for a check up only to find out he was covered in cancer and had to be put down the same day. :(( although winston is totally irreplaceable, we got a new dog not long after. wegman, a great dane :0 he is fabulous. fyi- we love dogs. ;)
on april 5th this year, i took a home pregnancy test, really for no reason and out of TOTAL shock and excitement all at once, saw a + on the little white stick. wow, 8 test later i sorta started to believe it, well not really! we were so thrilled and found out it was a little boy and we named him wyatt landon. july of this year landon lost both of his precious grandparents within 7 days of each other. not having a clue why, we grieved and trusted God.
August 27th at 2:30 in the morning, my water broke. i was absolutely scared to death and had no idea what to do, what to think, pray or even say. because of an incopotant cervix, i went into labor and had to deliver wyatt on August 31st. he was the most precious baby i have ever seen much less held. he was absolutely perfect in every way. being only 21 weeks gestational age, wyatt did not have the lung development to survive. we were broken totally. why? why would God bless us with a baby only to take him away.
we still do not know and may never know. we have a peace that passes all understanding and feel his presence with us every step daily. we have already seen miracles happen during this loss.. God's plan is perfect and we are not. we will patiently wait until we reunite with Wyatt as he is in the safe hands of Jesus. we will get over this mountain because we know that we can do all things through His strength.
here are a couple of my favorite shots since april
i hope you enjoy and God bless you

my precious baby Wyatt Landon holding his daddys finger

sunflare fabulosity

this is my sweet weggles (wegman) still a puppy, getting bigger and bigger!

sweetest couples, their suprise 50th wedding/anniversary! so much love here.

my mother in law and her husband keith at the wedding in june, so happy :)

thieir invitaion and rings...

cutest thing, austin pete williams

"big Jim" glows while watching mimi get ready for her wedding ceremony.

love him, this is evan...this pic reminds me of how God watches over us. this is evans earthly father watching over him as he grows and learns.

dont you just LoVe that face! the smokey mountains, what a wonderful place to sit and worship God.

tree of "hope" in greenbrier

Wyatts memorial

my precious father

this is my friend sumer and her mother, both from egypt and have the same tatoos representing their faith

my beautiful friend meredith holding wegman at 3 months old.

sumer, dan and baby JR

friend angela on a downtown shoot!

navy pier in chicago

elizabeth, isnt she beautimous!

driving down 385

julie b. love her so.

blue bonnets for my mother, houston tx


Susan P. said...

what a beautiful blog entry, jennie!! your words were perfect, and your faith is you both :)

Amanda said...

I love you so much Jennie girl. Thank you for telling and sharing your story. I one day aspire to have your amazing faith. You are really inspirational to anyone who has experienced any kind of loss.
And not only are your words perfect, your pictures are PERFECTION!!