Monday, October 13, 2014

cotton, ole miss & church

i love that i can quickly blog a bit from my phone bc that is where ALL my photos are!!! 

these sweet girls loved seeing the cotton! Lyles actually thought it would for some reason taste like cotton candy 😳 she put it straight in her mouth 😩
sweet juddy doesn't know what to think about these 2 girls :) 
love the rebels & their cheer "costumes" 
Oh and can I get a praise Jesus for parks.... They always make everything better 🙏

Sunday sweetness 💞💞💞
Lyles has the best little group of friends and church. So blessed and thankful for this, and this is just a few of them!

what is the point!???

its been over a year since i have posted! 
why bother? 

God is so stinkin good.  we have a precious 15 month old now.  evie weathers is so full of cuteness, i cant stand it.  She just now started walking!!! lyles walked around 12 months... 
i mean look!!! 

i am going to start trying to blog at least once a week... 
i dont have a scrapbook or anything like that. 
instagram is my go to. i love it so much and i know that my photos will always be safe there :)
so much has changed in past few years. 

i will try and go back to my pregnant days. 
they were so great with weathers. i was healthy, not on bed rest and it was just all around amazing, including the delivery! she was only 6.13oz i pushed for about 50 seconds and there she came!!! perfection, i still can not believe how amazing that whole experience was. so total opposite of pregnancy and delivery with sweet lyles corrine. 
praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. 

sweet baby had some pretty intense jaundice 
we had to keep her sandwhiched between those 2 lights.
i once again had a very difficult time producing milk. she had a great latch. it wasnt her, it was my supply. i was very head strong that i was going to nurse, no matter what. 
well she kept dropping weight. 
we had to keep going to the doctor and she got down to a teeny 5lbs 2oz. 
it was time to supplement. 
i continued to nurse some until she was 7 weeks old.

she is such a joy. 
always happy and loves to be right by mama and daddy :) 
she says a lot of words.... 
dada... alllll the time.  mama, ball, go-go, nana, chi-chi, mimi, ouuuwwwls (lyles), cracka, dog, acada! (avacado) 

she looooves to play with her sister. they are so sweet together. lyles is crazy about her and is an excellent help and very motherly to her, sometimes too much :) 

ok, children are awake and this is as much as i can do now! 
post again soon, hopefully! :))))))))

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

praying for friends

i recently went to a kids ministry conference along with 14 other people from our church. 
we learned a lot of great wisdom on ministering to children/families but i was also very excited that compassion ministries was partnering with the conference. 
we decided as a family to adopt a child and support her monthly. 
her name is kenia and she is an adorable 5 year old.
each night landon and i put lc to bed we pray together and we pray for kenia every night. 
i want lc to understand, even at a young age that we are so blessed and need to help others. 
we try and explain to her that kenia does not always have food to eat...that really speaks volumes to my hungry all the time 2 year old. 
i pray that lc will learn to pray for others and not be always focused on our own needs but also the ones of others as well. 
it warms my heart as we are brushing teeth/putting on pj's when lc reminds us to pray for kenia. 
we have her picture hanging in her room. 
i pray that one day she will have a servants heart and love and care for others, especially the needy. 

25 weeks

25 weeks!!!!!!!!!! 
this pregnancy has FLOWN by. 
having a toddler is a good distraction to all the aches and pains of pregnancy and makes it go by much faster! 
lyles corrine is so excited about her upcoming sister. 
she frequently comes up to my belly and kisses it saying "hi, baby wetters!" melts my heart :) 

we have finished her nursery and i am thrilled! 
it was so easy because we used tons that was in lc's room when she was a baby but at the same time it looks totally different. 
it was our guest room and we (landon & his buddy trey) painted it mint and set it al up! 
now if we can only clean out the other "junk room" to have an actual guest room day at a time...

i am starting to get those super sad, but not sad emotional moments thinking about it not being just me and lc! 
as excited as i am for another little girl to join us, i want to cherish the precious time me and me girl have left, just the 2 of us :) 
she will start preschool in august and she is READY! 
she is so full of vocabulary and is going to soak up so much at school :) 

my next doctors visit is tuesday with includes my glucose test and the last cervical length check... 
all has gone so well so far and i am so thankful for a wonderful doctor who was smart enough not to recommend me having the cerclage surgery again!

we are going on a short beach trip coming up in may, i could not be more excited!!! 
we will enjoy spoiling lc with love and attention and i know that she will love her first real beach trip! 

here are a few recent random pics from my phone 

first hair cut!!!! thanks to my friend elizabeth 
this was the funniest thing i have seen in a looong time... we were laying by the pool at my parents and oopps... uncle bubba fell through the hammock! lc (naked) was trying to help him up :)
easter 2013 :)
we had a low key easter this year and it was lovely. it rained and was yuky so we had landons family come to our house for lunch then met my family for bbq in southaven for dinner. 

first time to not scream and cry with a "character!" she loved mr easter bunny 

what is it!!!!?????????

this is the first time we got to watch dance practice and she did Great! ( still working on getting on our hands...)
recital coming up in june :)

sweet girl loves her big girl bed 

we are thrilled about another girl! ( forgot to put this pic on last post ;))

LOVES books, especially the jungle book right now! 

one of our many hobby lobby pics...24 weeks here 
convo with wegs!
weathers nursery :) 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a FULL 2 months!!

WoW lots has happened since December 1!
We found out we are having another BABY!!!
Busy January with my sisters wedding :)
Took a short trip to the beach
lyles corrine turned 2!!!
she is FULL of energy
loves her new dance class!
talking up a storm!!!!!!

 ...And lots of details in between that I will follow will pics!

our first view of baby evie weathers :) 

7 weeks 

14 weeks 

chee chee got married!!! jan 5 :) 

first time to touch sand and see the ocean!!!!!!! mini trip with paps and bay bay to seaside  in jan.

loved her radio flyer from santa! 

christmas at mimis :) 
big girl bed! 

2 :) 

sadly, this is our second birthday... stomach bug!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Monday, November 26, 2012

busy holiday time :) 
 it really stinks getting behind during the craziest time of the year because i do not even know where to begin!  
angel is getting married january 5th, so we have been showering and all sorts of fun things! 
lyles corrine was dedicated on nov. 11 
it was one of the most precious times as a family as we wrapped around her and prayed for her while imagining her at 18. 
landon and i wrote our own blessing/prayer that we wish for her as she grows. it was such an awesome experience to sit and think about WHO i pray that she will become instead of what we want her to do. 
i am so thankful to be a member of a church who sees the importance of walking hand in hand with parents as the strive to raise Christ followers. 

sisters at iuka church shower 
the bride and a funny lady!
LCs sweet cake and present from the church 
they seem to huddle up 

sweet girl! she wore a 35 year old dress that my sister and i were dedicated in 
one of the many days we go play on the square :)