Monday, November 26, 2012

busy holiday time :) 
 it really stinks getting behind during the craziest time of the year because i do not even know where to begin!  
angel is getting married january 5th, so we have been showering and all sorts of fun things! 
lyles corrine was dedicated on nov. 11 
it was one of the most precious times as a family as we wrapped around her and prayed for her while imagining her at 18. 
landon and i wrote our own blessing/prayer that we wish for her as she grows. it was such an awesome experience to sit and think about WHO i pray that she will become instead of what we want her to do. 
i am so thankful to be a member of a church who sees the importance of walking hand in hand with parents as the strive to raise Christ followers. 

sisters at iuka church shower 
the bride and a funny lady!
LCs sweet cake and present from the church 
they seem to huddle up 

sweet girl! she wore a 35 year old dress that my sister and i were dedicated in 
one of the many days we go play on the square :) 

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Amanda said...

Look at that precious girl! I love all the moment you capture as she is growing up. I remember praying for her so hard during your pregnancy and the first part of her sweet little life. I will continue to pray she grows into a strong Christian woman like her momma.