Monday, November 5, 2012

i am a bit behind so i am catching up via random photos :) 
a few weekends ago my sister had a booth at the merry market place at the agri center
we were right next to chef dough dough! 
she and her family were so neat & LC loved them all 
my fabulous mother turned the big 60 on november 1st 
a few days ahead of time we took a 2 night road trip to arkansas. 
we drove all the way (long way) to fayetteville. 
it was a precious town, we had such a great time shopping and eating...what is more fun than that!? 
we left the next morning and drove to little rock, which was a half way point to driving home the next night. 
happy birthday beautiful bay bay, you are VERY LOVED! 

OH, and HAPPY 35th ANNIVERSARY to my amazing parents today!
this was a picture from christmas 2 years ago, but its special ;) 

chef dough dough! 
this was a winery somewhere in AR 
i love my mama ;)
she was mad at me bc she wanted in the water fountain...
"falling rock" on our way to our c-group pumpkin decorating party 
the braided headband lasted about 3 minutes 
coustume change 
breakfast at the peabody, little rock 
riding the plasma cars at Ramseys bday party with meredith! 
austin pete spoils us with toys of all sizes :)  yes, bay bay her socks are mismatched 

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Amanda said...

So there was a smiling picture in the truck before the mean momma made her go inside??

What a sweet sweet little gal!!