Monday, October 13, 2014

what is the point!???

its been over a year since i have posted! 
why bother? 

God is so stinkin good.  we have a precious 15 month old now.  evie weathers is so full of cuteness, i cant stand it.  She just now started walking!!! lyles walked around 12 months... 
i mean look!!! 

i am going to start trying to blog at least once a week... 
i dont have a scrapbook or anything like that. 
instagram is my go to. i love it so much and i know that my photos will always be safe there :)
so much has changed in past few years. 

i will try and go back to my pregnant days. 
they were so great with weathers. i was healthy, not on bed rest and it was just all around amazing, including the delivery! she was only 6.13oz i pushed for about 50 seconds and there she came!!! perfection, i still can not believe how amazing that whole experience was. so total opposite of pregnancy and delivery with sweet lyles corrine. 
praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. 

sweet baby had some pretty intense jaundice 
we had to keep her sandwhiched between those 2 lights.
i once again had a very difficult time producing milk. she had a great latch. it wasnt her, it was my supply. i was very head strong that i was going to nurse, no matter what. 
well she kept dropping weight. 
we had to keep going to the doctor and she got down to a teeny 5lbs 2oz. 
it was time to supplement. 
i continued to nurse some until she was 7 weeks old.

she is such a joy. 
always happy and loves to be right by mama and daddy :) 
she says a lot of words.... 
dada... alllll the time.  mama, ball, go-go, nana, chi-chi, mimi, ouuuwwwls (lyles), cracka, dog, acada! (avacado) 

she looooves to play with her sister. they are so sweet together. lyles is crazy about her and is an excellent help and very motherly to her, sometimes too much :) 

ok, children are awake and this is as much as i can do now! 
post again soon, hopefully! :))))))))

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