Wednesday, April 10, 2013

25 weeks

25 weeks!!!!!!!!!! 
this pregnancy has FLOWN by. 
having a toddler is a good distraction to all the aches and pains of pregnancy and makes it go by much faster! 
lyles corrine is so excited about her upcoming sister. 
she frequently comes up to my belly and kisses it saying "hi, baby wetters!" melts my heart :) 

we have finished her nursery and i am thrilled! 
it was so easy because we used tons that was in lc's room when she was a baby but at the same time it looks totally different. 
it was our guest room and we (landon & his buddy trey) painted it mint and set it al up! 
now if we can only clean out the other "junk room" to have an actual guest room day at a time...

i am starting to get those super sad, but not sad emotional moments thinking about it not being just me and lc! 
as excited as i am for another little girl to join us, i want to cherish the precious time me and me girl have left, just the 2 of us :) 
she will start preschool in august and she is READY! 
she is so full of vocabulary and is going to soak up so much at school :) 

my next doctors visit is tuesday with includes my glucose test and the last cervical length check... 
all has gone so well so far and i am so thankful for a wonderful doctor who was smart enough not to recommend me having the cerclage surgery again!

we are going on a short beach trip coming up in may, i could not be more excited!!! 
we will enjoy spoiling lc with love and attention and i know that she will love her first real beach trip! 

here are a few recent random pics from my phone 

first hair cut!!!! thanks to my friend elizabeth 
this was the funniest thing i have seen in a looong time... we were laying by the pool at my parents and oopps... uncle bubba fell through the hammock! lc (naked) was trying to help him up :)
easter 2013 :)
we had a low key easter this year and it was lovely. it rained and was yuky so we had landons family come to our house for lunch then met my family for bbq in southaven for dinner. 

first time to not scream and cry with a "character!" she loved mr easter bunny 

what is it!!!!?????????

this is the first time we got to watch dance practice and she did Great! ( still working on getting on our hands...)
recital coming up in june :)

sweet girl loves her big girl bed 

we are thrilled about another girl! ( forgot to put this pic on last post ;))

LOVES books, especially the jungle book right now! 

one of our many hobby lobby pics...24 weeks here 
convo with wegs!
weathers nursery :) 

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