Monday, October 19, 2009

love love loved my weekend

this weekend my sweet-0-pie landon and i went 7 hours south to pascagoula, MS! my brother and his wife reside there....i love them and wish they were closer :(( but we had a fabulous visit and laughter was for sure a refreshing cure all for the time being! landon and will, my brother woke up way before the sun to prepare for a fishing day in the cold beauty of the bayou. melissa and i on the other hand had planned to join, but glad we decided to go way later in the day. we also woke up very early and drove .8 of a mile to the ocean, kinda beachy area. i wanted to share a couple of my favorite photos of them. i am so fortunate to have a brother who i adore, respect, and kinda look like who married a wonderful, giggly, sweet, photogenic woman, who i also kinda look like, go figure! landon an i also drove to "nawlins" and spent the day sunday....more photos to come! <3

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Inspire Me, Thanks said...

absolutely gorgeous. you are such a talent my fren!!!