Wednesday, November 3, 2010


today i am feeling very thankful.
since this is already November (wow) i just wanted to begin thanksgiving early.
here are some random things that i take for granted everyday that i am so thankful for!!!

-my husband has a job that allows him to come home to me every night
-shelter, so many people dont have the comfort of a cozy living room with a couch or even bed
-internet, boy have i enjoyed it these last couple of months
-my pups...they bring me so much joy
-house shoes, i love them!
-trees. so amazing how they change with the seasons. God is good
-heat....cant wait to use our fire place burr.
-vaccume cleaners, random but how nice to have ;)
-the ability to walk. the past 5 months i have had to use a wheelchair or "hoover around" everywhere i have gone. wow, i have never realized how much of a gift that it is to simply walk around on a daily basis.
-panera bread. i love their soup and pretty much everything.
-doctors. without doctors and technology, i would probably not be able to have children
-sunshine :) it seems to make everything better!!!
-freedom to worship my savior. seems like a given, but not in every country.

i am thankful.
we all have our obvious friends, family, etc.
but what are you thankful for???
think of all the little things.
the daily blessings :)

not a post with no pic so here are some fun little books from nursery and some mo belly!

3rd trimester!!!


Amanda said...

I am thankful for great friends who like celebrating my birthday with me by buying me lunch, pedicures and CUPCAKES!!

Erica said...

YOUR BELLY is sooooo freaking cute!

Inspire Me, Thanks said...

great post. i'm excited about thanksgiving THIS year! more things to be thankful for! God is so good!!