Monday, September 19, 2011


happy monday :) 
lately i have been going back to the verse col 3:23, thanks to Kristi Boxx ( you will see why in a sec) Kristi is an amazing person.  she has a heart of GOLD and she is an amazing athlete...she will be a tennis pro very soon.  She is finishing up her degree in nutrition and we were discussing a lot about health and fitness one night.   i mentioned to her that i need motivation and advise on how to get back in shape.  this girl dont play around.... ;)  i have texts every single morning and throughout the day with words of encouragement and accountability with my work out schedule and journey. 
here is a pic of our txts the other day:

i just love this girl.  she was even in SC all last week playing in many tournaments and never failed to  encourage me.  i want to be like her when i grow up!!! 
anyway.... this verse has stayed with me and i have tried to recite it frequently throughout the day.  this applies to me in ways that may sound silly, but the little things like LAUNDRY!!!! i hate putting away lanundry. but i am thankful that i have clothes and a washing machine! even in those little things, working at everything with ALL my heart as if we are working for the LORD!  can you imagine how much better life/the world would be if we all did every thing to the absolute best of our ability and didn't waist any time!?  
at times i have the idea that when i am helping someone out or anything i am doing that i am working for man.  for example... landon and i are the group leaders for a class in the children's department at our church during the first service. although we LOVE doing it, there have been some mornings where i thought sleeping in would be nice, or i gotta go help out for the other teachers etc.  those are "working for men" thoughts!!! i am am working for the Lord!  in ALL things, not just in church, you are to work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord in everything.  :) 
this is one of my husbands VERY favorite verses-
"Work hard and become a leader, be lazy and become a slave" proverbs 12:24
lets all give 100&10% for the Lord and become leaders for HIM! 

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Susan P. said...

great post! and i love that verse that landon likes...what motivation! :)