Tuesday, May 22, 2012

meaoulk meaoulk

so much to catch up on since february
i dont even know where to begin.  i hate getting so behind!!! 
maybe a bunch of random photos will help me out.

sweet layton emily lee was born :) March 2 2012  
loving on her cousin :) 

sassy pants playing in the yard with grocery cart
hardly ever without a smile!

riding on the train at Austin Petes birthday party!

march 8th, nonnie fell 

LC got to visit her a lot! 

we love playing on the square

her aunt tammy gave her this chair for her birthday and she LOVES it! 

helping me dig up rosemary at mimis house 

brunch date 

silly daddy

afternoon at the park 

she loves looking for cars! 

balloons are her favorite 

barnes & noble is really cool

boot shoping!

lunch in the delta! 

first sighting of the easter bunny! 

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first "bike" ride 

loving lowes car 


the begining of the virus. 

found out after 2 drs visits that it was HFM, but really bad. she had blisters for weeks 


she did SOOO good hunting for eggs 

this is hollywood the chicken her daddy bought her, she lasted 3 days before we gave her away!


date downtown with bab bay 

first camel ride at the zoo! 

monkey in the middle 

double decker 2012
taylor grocery 

first real swim! 

lunch at the ole miss inn for mothers day 

mothers day :) 

she was actually 16mths here :) 
LC words: 
just about anything you say, she will give it a try.
please, thank you, meaoulk (over & over, hence the title) shoe, shew, wa-wa, bow, wegman, bear, out, play, swing, baby, more, eat, lately everything has been CUUUUUUUTE!  too many more to write! so thankful for her progress and healthy self :) 

LC favorite foods:
tomatoes, mushrooms, bananas, oranges, blueberries, crackers, cheese, soups, fish, beans, the squeeze foods, she eats pretty much anything. i hope it stays that way!!! 

LC favorite hobbies: 
reading books, playing outside, going to target ;) angel got her hooked on some you tube song/video called gummy bear. whenever its played she will dance like crazy!!! she loves carrying around her sippy cup and easter basket. 

other randoms- 
she loves to listen for dada to get home from work and boy when he does!!! she loves her daddy
she loves other children
my dad bought her a baby channel at his house and she goes nuts when it is on! we even have the app on the cell phone for when we go out to eat.
she is begining to enjoy her baby dolls and stuffed animals
she loves to take a bath, just dont pour water down her face! 

we are leaving june 15th for brazil, SO excited :) 

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Amanda said...

Love seeing the update of sweet LC!! What a little talker. I can see the joy in her sweet little face in each picture. You are obviously doing a great job being a mommy. It's one of the hardest jobs, but you seem to do it with such ease!! Keep up the good work!