Saturday, October 13, 2012

long time no type

once again.....
its been a while 
a long while 
i wish that some how i could link my instagram to my blog and just come comment.... 
i LOVE and ADORE instagram and for whoever follows me know that i can, at times post up to six photos a DAY... outta control! 
i love documenting my days with photos. 
today was a close to perfect day.  started off going to Starbucks because we love it and we had no electricity!  for some reason it was out for an entire day.  after coffee run we made our way around to different yard sales, where we found LCs christmas gift, a radio flyer tricycle! it was brand new & $20 which made me glow :)  then landon and i did our second 5k together, the color run. 
we had the BEST time.  afterwords, we had lunch at young ave deli then went to pick up LC in holly springs because my parents kept her during our race. 
we came home, had yolos, went to target and came home to watch a new movie, the lorax together :) 
i am not a big fan of those kinds of movies, but it is amazing how you can enjoy something so much that you don't even like when you are with the ones you love the most!

LC is now 20, almost 21 months old!!!! crazy town.
we love our days together.  she and i have such special mornings together. they usually consist of coffee, milk, breakfast and something fun. 
she loves going to the gym (child care room) playing with other children is her favorite thing to do.
we go to the park nearly everyday 
she is talking non stop! repeating everything...
she is currently obsessed with alice (in wonderland) always "alice, alice" 
she is in a 2T
wears a 7 shoe
weighs 26lbs
still loves to eat squeezies (food pouches) i am glad because they are healthy
loves fruit, lots of it
oh, LOVES king.... "king, king"  (lion king & alice) 
she adores trains, fortunately she sees them a LOT here in colli
she is so incredibly blessed with family who ADORES HER! 
she has a bay bay, baps, mimi, paw paw, pop, chee chee, bubba, bow, tammy, chip chip, jeff, nonnie, mondue, lance, lauren, lay lay and the list goes on... no trouble finding someone to watch her :) 

at chee chees engagement party in pickwick 

feeding the giraffes at the zoo!!!!

one of our zoo trips with our community group with great friends! 

sweet girl and her 2 MUST haves.... kaki (used to be caroline) and blank 
playing with aunt tammy and lay lay 

first time falling asleep while eating!!! la hacienda, after church :)

i will update with more photos soon :) 

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Amanda said...

I love seeing you and LC's day through Instagram! Don't stop posting pictures of that beautiful girl. And you are such a AMAZING momma. I admire you!
Congrats on your 2nd 5K! I have heard great things about the Color Run. I know you had a blast.