Saturday, October 9, 2010


T- testing of my faith
W- worry not. wait on God
E- each day is so important
N- never doubt God is there with you
T- tears
Y- yearn for Gods comfort

F- family= love
O- outstanding. my husband is outstanding. thank you God.
U- understanding is not always necessary
R- read. Gods word is our daily bread.

today marks the beginning of an end. the major danger zone for my pregnancy was 18 weeks until 24 weeks.

today, i am 24 weeks.

i feel so incredibly blessed right now. God has taught me so much during this time. the battle is not over. today is just one step closer to viability for lyles corrine.
as the smells of the holidays feel the air, pumkin spice latte being a fav, i feel comfort.
i have felt a peace the past couple of weeks. i know that God has a plan for our family and i do feel that it will soon be a family of 3!

each day i take some time just sitting in the nursery. rocking prayerfully and listening to the silence. one of my favorite things about the nursery is that there are two windows facing the street with a beautiful view of our huge oak trees in the yard. God can speak and be so present in so many different ways. gazing into his beautiful creativity of trees, sun & usually a squirrel or two.

the kicks are getting stronger, i looooooove feeling her wiggle around. i just wonder what she is thinking each time she moves her little body. i cant help but to stop whatever i am doing or thinking each time i feel her and i just smile with a heart full of thankfulness!
its pretty unbelievable to imagine that there is a living person inside of me! i know its true its just one of those things thats hard for me to actually process sometimes.

lately my days consist of sitting in the sun with bear & wegman. love to check the mail each day ;) my amazing family is here pretty much every other day if not more. i always look forward to my target trips. visits with my lady friends are also so great. our last one consisted of brunch on the patio at the asbells from 11 to about 3, such a blessing to sit around and talk it up with some amazing Godly friends who are so encouraging and supportive. and yes, i have an iphone and i check facebook too often. i really wanted to post that i currently like it in my wheelchair, (my purse) but i didnt ;)

i also love watching all my plants grow. i loove plants, flowers etc. being with them everyday, well we have become friends!
guess i have learned to "smell the roses"!

i can not wait to be able to bring our little lady home to her house who is anxiously waiting on her!!!

since this is a celebratory post, i added a couple extra pics!
hope you enjoy & remember to allow God to teach you and use you everyday He blesses you with!!!!!

ok so on top left, that is a precious pillow angel, my sister made me! to the right is a picture of the print i have hanging above the book shelf. a couple of my dear friends had a star registered in Wyatt's name. so when you are looking at orion, to the left there is Wyatt Landon Lee. a sweet special star looking over you!
next row starts with my curtains! i loooove them.
in the middle is a baby's prayer that was in my moms nursery when she was little!
to the right and the 1st one on the bottom are pics of the mirror above the changing table!
the last one is just a couple of lc's future friends :)

here is a little belly for ya!

until next time.


Amanda said...

I am so glad I saw this post before going to bed. For some reSon you and LC had been on my mind all day. So when I text you I didn't realize that today was 24!! Then to read the blog post just made my heart swell. Yay!! You are going to be bringing that sweet girl home to MANY people who are anxiously waiting for her. Mucho love to all three Lees.

PS. Tell Landon we'll be doing stroller training very soon

Susan P. said...

love the new blog look, love this sweet blog post even more, and love your fun family the most :) :) thanks for sharing with us all God is speaking in your life and can't wait to visit again soon :)

Erica said...

Jennie you are such a blessing and I absolutely love this post :) I'm so happy that you made it past 24! God knows you and Landon are ready to be amazing parents to LC! Everything happens for a reason and God knows what's best for us!