Monday, October 18, 2010


today has been a quiet restful morning.
its a bit hard to realize that my baby inside of me is the size of an eggplant!!! she is 2 lbs, yahoo ;))
so my mom came up this past friday and what a lovely day we had. cleaning, eating, shopping... oh my we have done so good as far as buying clothes etc. girls clothes are so stinking cute and i could blow a ton of money on them, but we havent. that afternoon we went to old navy, they had a crazy sale!!! we got the cutest stuff for dirt cheap! like a pair of purple striped pair of leggins with lace for .48 cents! we increased her clothes collection quite a bit, cute stuff too!
our stroller came in a couple days ago and we were like 2 kids on christmas morning!! we are so excited to stroll her around in her sweet new yellow stroller. we went with the uppa baby vista and its so cool! we push it all around the house. amanda, landon has to have practice time each day ;) its all becoming so real. we are so ready... all the nursery needs is a baby and smelly diapers and it will be complete!
this past weekend was so fun! landon was off and we just played and loved every minute of it! saturday morning we started off with starbucks (always) then we rode around to some yard sales. we are not ones to buy a lot of junk, we just dig for diamonds in the ruff. saturday i found one. its a beautiful little cameo necklace with a chain small enough for a little girl. i loooove cameo's and this one belonged to an older lady there and she said it was between 50 & 6o years old, $10....i was so excited!!! then we moved on to a fabulous estate sale, so sad and neat at the same time. it just feels wrong digging through someones house, but this lady was stellar. her house was amazing, filled with funky goods. she had exquisite taste. we continued "piddlin" the rest of the day and ended it off watching the ole miss game, they lost but didnt do too bad!
sunday my parents and angel came up for church and brunch at owen brennans...yum!
service was so good at church. we have been attending a new church plant called the orchard and we love it! sunday was all about why are you alive? basically we are here on earth to glorify him. why do we have the job we do? why do different situations in life occur? to glorify him. life is a journey of glorifying him! this was great for me to hear.
last night was a bad eating night, oh and lunch was too. landon and i made homemade oooey gooey rice crispy treats! they were so yummy. i only like them homemade. today begins hardly any none. i already want yo-lo's and a resses cup and pie &...............
this morning i made a quick trip to fresh market. dinner will consist of butter, garlic & thyme rotisserie chicken, asparagus and strawberry salad! i still cant do a lot of cooking, this will be easy prep, although my dr. is slowly allowing me to do a little more each check-up!!
i have been missing photography sooooo bad!!! i am spending the weekend in oxford so maybe i will be able to get some friends to pose around for me somehow!
lyles corrine has been kung fu fighting in utero lately. its so fun to see my stomach moving all around. cerclage is still exactly where it is supposed to be and baby is good! :))
going back to dr. the 28th for ultrasound, yay!
here is another nursery & belly pic :)

love kids books. the wow book is a begginer sign language book for babies, its so cool! cant wait to teach her! the book end is a sock monkey jack in the box :)
whew...what will i look like in 2 more months!!!

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Amanda said...

You will look AMAZING in 2 more months!! I am proud of Landon for his stroller practice. Tell him I have an obstacle course lined up for him to pass before he gets his stroller license. :) :)