Thursday, October 28, 2010


today was another fabulous dr's visit.
other than the dreaded glucose test, we got to see our little sweet cheeks & it was amazing!!!
her plump lips and squishy nose make me want to just squeeeeeze her!!!!
we have about 9 different pictures thanks to ms shirly our fav ultrasound lady.
seeing her move, yawn and licking her lips was so unreal!!! she is already 2.9lbs. and perfectly healthy :)
i have not quite been released to "normal" activity, except she told me i am now allowed to do dishes...yippee! hopefully after 28 weeks ill be allowed to at least go out for a walk.
i have been so blessed with family & friends being so helpful & wonderful.
its so hard to take it easy and not do much when i am so excited and i feel so good.
God is amazing and his grace falls like rain.

not such great quality but here are 2 images:
a sleepy side face :)

a little half giggle face!
this ones's my fav.


Susan P. said...

i LOVE the giggling face picture!! oh, jennjenn, she's getting so big :) can't wait til the day comes to meet her!!

Amanda said...

Even though you're the photographer, Ms Shirley did a pretty good job capturing little Miss LC. Keep us posted on those numbers!