Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lyles Corrine-- Firsts!!!

so one of the main reasons i am blogging is to be able to have this to look back at later in life.  i am not a scrapbooker nor do i journal, but i do take pictures!  i plan to blog lots more now that i have LC and am getting into the mommy mode.  after 8 months of baby everything, i feel like i can do some things that i want to do or have needed to do for a while now! 

i am going to be blogging randomly about "first things" that LC does or gets to experience! 

this past august we got to go to Las Vegas!  this was a lot of "firsts" for her.... airplane, monorail, casino(yuk), taxi, market and more!  i was SOOOOO nervous about her flying because it was a long flight, no connections thank goodness and she does not sleep in peoples laps very well.  she did not have her own seat because she is under 2 so we just handed her around.  she did GREAT!!!! i prayed and prayed she would do ok and she did not even not once.  i guess its so similar to riding in a car as soon as we took off she was OUT! 
 we went along with my parents and sister :)

gone....yep, just like the lady across the aisle. ha! 

so when we landed at the Las Vegas airport, she was SOOOO excited... landon put her in this seat in front of the slot machine. 
and this is probably one of the funniest pictures i own... they got caught!!!!  you cant even be around those machines unless you are 21 and i was not even supposed to take the picture! ooops... :) 
i LOVE their faces here 

 first...what do you call these things? flat escalators?? 

watching the train come up! 

first limo ride! too bad the AC was broken, it felt like 150 degrees in that thing! 

first of MANY trips to market! 

my parents kept her everynight to give us a little break! this night we went out adventuring the streets...crazies in las vegas. 
landon stole the camera! 

angel and i LOVE these little leather bracelets we found these several years ago and we get another one each time we go back.  i even got LC a tiny pink one with her name on it! 

 grossness... scary snakes! 

i love my sister :)

and my husband. he is amazing. 

my cousins ali & chris live in LA and drove out to see us! 
LC's first time to meet them :)  she cant take her eyes off virginia (chris) ;)

plenty more firsts to come! 

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Alli Robinson said...

I think they are called moving sidewalks? :) love the whole post and the pics are too sweet!