Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tuesdays gone

random title, but i love that song tuesday's gone!  and its late tuesday night :)
so thankful that LC went to bed with no issues tonight.  she has been a great....super....fabulous sleeper since about 8 weeks.  im talking like 12 hours without a peep.
as soon as she started pulling up, she noticed we would leave the room and she was not having it!  we usually start the night time ritual of bath, pajamas, bottle then rock around 7:30.  she usued to be in be by 8:15 or so, but nooooow its 11:15 or so!  she just pulls up and sings, screams, yells, slaps, falls... you know all things that an 8 month old does!  i have recently thought to use those extra hours to pray for her.  my mom has always been so amazing with her prayer life.  she said that she started praying for the person we would marry and our future as soon as we were born.  pretty amazing...i dont event think past next week most of the time!  kind of wierd to think about praying for her husband, but its a neat feeling.  i also pray about the personality she will develop, her manners, high school, her health, peer pressure etc.  i am thankful for those moments to stop and be still as i am rocking her to sleep.   i know that one day i will miss her fussy little tiny self.  
today was a busy day and she did not nap much at all, therefore that is why she went directly to sleep after her last feeding! PTL!!!

oh yea, i have started using coupons way more than i used to.  well i am basically from not at all to i used 4 today at target!!! woohoo, i felt so good saving that little extra money.  if i could only get my printer to print right.  anyone have any good websites or places they like to get coupons from?   someone told me about toatallytarget.com and its really good.

landon, LC & i went to the collierville square (love the sq.) to meet up with some of my dearest friends, Lindsey and Susan. 
we all have little sweet babies and were pretty much all pregnant at the same time!  not too long ago we were sitting at yolos (weekly ususally) discussing what it will be like one day when we have babies....well here we are! i love these girls very much and here are a couple pictures we took! 

sweet susan & baby todd... i mean JD ;)  #lookslikehisdaddy

lindsey & baby preston :) 

and LC of course! 

have a blessed week 

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