Sunday, September 25, 2011

updating ;)

 fabulous weekend.
landon is finished with overnight! wooohooooo.  so thankful it was only for 2 weeks. 
saturday morning i spent time photographing some of my favorite people, the bobitts and the hulls. 
we pranced all around downtown collierville freezing memories!
afterwards, i spent the afternoon with family watching football and eating fun snacks (pics of course)   that evening, while landon kept lyles corrine, i went to my friend angela's house to a tastefully simple party.  we basically sat around, talked and ate food! yummy food too. 
sunday is always my favorite day of the week.  we spend the morning with the orchard kids before we go to worship service.  we LOVE our church, the orchard fellowship.  God is moving mountains and the church is growing super fast.  we look forward to raising our daughter there around such amazing people with huge hearts for Christ.   we are starting a new series on family.  today was all about forgiveness.  it was awesome to get down on our knees and be one on one with God about all the nitty gritty stuff.  the pastor, Sam Shaw, is real and speaks the Word of God.  so greatful.  we are also in a commuity group full of wonderful people with similar desires to raise our families to love God and encourage one another while we live our lives for Christ!
landon, lc & i took a couple pictures late this afternoon before the tornado sirens went off.  i am terrrrrified of tornados!!! landon and i survived the tornado in Pontotoc co. in 2001.  our car was in the center of the tunnel and we should NOT be alive, God had other plans. i am glad :) 
looking forward to a great week. more photo shoots, lots of laundry, making more baby food, workouts, and loving on my sweet baby girl! 

here are some pics of some food we had this weekend

yummmmmy string cheese rolled in eggroll wrappers :)) 

so easy, just moisten the edges with water while you fold them up
put them in oil, about half and inch for 1 min. on each side 

the jalapeno cheese gives them the perfect bite :)

they are delicious!!!  thanks pinterest

this is one of our favorite dips. sausage, cream cheese and rotel
we used reduced fat ingredients and it tastes just as good. 

tonight we had shrimp and grits! 
blackened shrimp with herbs & spices, serve over cheese grits. 

 our audience while cooking... the naked banana nibbler and her friend duncan the pug. 

her favorite- plain ole bananas, added a little water 

can you believe that 4 bananas made all this food!!? 
so much cheaper. 

my sweet 8 month old

she LOVEs her bear dog :) 


Faith Long said...

LOVE the blog! Such a fun way to get to know people! I'm SO TERRIBLE at keeping up with mine! It's a goal of mine! :)

jennie lee said...

i was MIA for about a year!