Friday, September 16, 2011

weeeeeeeeeekend :)

this has been one crazy week!  landon has been working overnight and it has affected all of us. lyles corrine decided she was not going to sleep if her da-da was not home. lawd have mercy... 
she has been crawling all over the place, faster than i can keep up! can not imagine when she starts walking! i love every minute of it, although it is nice to sit for a minute and catch up things i have been wanting to do (blog)!  also, my friends maranda & jennifer are starting to blog this week also ;O yay!!!!  lyles corrine has gone to spend the weekend with her g-paps and g-patti! i miss her already, but ready for a little break and some sleep. all i need now is someone to come clean my blinds, floorboards and well just the whole house would be nice!  tomorrow will consist of sleep, cooper young festival and date with my love, excited! hope everyone has a tremendous weekend!!!! 
here is a pic of lunch today...notice how tired my poor hubs is!