Sunday, January 1, 2012

giving thanks 2011

i cant believe how many blessings God has given us.
we have the sweetest little gift this holiday.
Lyles Corrine almost did not make it when she was just a wee 3 day old.  so blessed to have her precious smiley self that is so healthy now!
thank you Jesus for your abundance of love and blessings. 
this year was so fun.  we always do thanksgiving farm style! it always seems to be perfect weather, not too cold and we all just play, eat, ride 4-wheelers or horses or simply rock on the porch.     i am a terrible writer but i blog so i can have this to look back on because i do not scrap book etc. soooo... here are some photos, i like them better.

g-paps & g-baby 

g-patty & g-baby

Wyatts tree 
planted september 2009 

nonnie playing with g-baby 
(dooodle-dooooooodle do) ;) 

dada & uncle Lance :) 

mondue made this for LCs first Thanksgiving :) 

my mom took some pics of us for a christmas card :) 

i was proud of both baby & baby daddy. they were so cooperative :)

we redneck people use a deer carcase as a back drop ;)

beautiful meal at mimi's and keiths 

 we celebrated landons birthday as well :)


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Amanda said...

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving if you didn't eat too much! You are a great blogger but an even better photographer. Those pictures tell so many stories. And look at Wyatt's tree!!! It is growing so well. :)