Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy birthday Jesus :)

Lyles Corrine's 1st Christmas!!!

still no walking. 
loves to walk while squeeizng your index fingers, she will even run.
dada, dog, oshean? (sounds bad) ooooooooooo, uh oh, i know(once, got it on video!)
tucker...yes, my grandmothers dogs name. wierd i know! still doesnt say mama, but we can say tucker!?
she loves to mock silly sounds you make to her
peek-a-boo is always loved
she says "more" all the time through sign language!
she knows how to show you her ears, nose and mouth
points at everything 
loves to crawl super fast.
laughs at wegman. 
first christmas gift- cabbage patch named coretta corrine from tia (chi)

here is a little christmas in pictures! 

home :)

first santa photo! 


some of the men... lance, jeff, keith and my nephew chip!! 

LC, her aunt Tammy and her grandmother Mimi! 

land and my bro... they special. 

sisters :) 

yes, my mom plastic wrapped the high chair. 

first present from her aunt tia (pronounced chia)  

wo and mo. yes, that is her foot! 

 me and virginia...his name is chris i have always called him virginia

yes, will is holding up his 7th grade football picture! 

 my beauiful cousins and uncle.  they live in california except ali moved to australia a couple days after this! love them :)

4 generations :) 

SO thankful for so many blessings!!!!!!!!! 

as for new years...
it is a different feeling sitting on the couch watching the ball drop...well almost drop! i believe landon and i were in the bed before 10:00!  it was neat to not feel so much like a looser for not doing anything fun because we had a precious sleeping baby in the next room. not that i am planning on doing nothing every new years eve, just one of those "firsts" we are getting used to! 

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Amanda said...

We have spent the past 3 years at home on NYE and each one has a very special memory attached. I love starting my new year knowing I have sweet babies waiting on me in the morning rather than a bottle of tylenol...HA!