Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy birthday paps!!!

this year for my dads birthday, we surprised him...sorta. 
after planning this special meal we had to spoil the secret because the dumb hospital changed his surgery date and we thought it would be that night. it wasnt and we ruined the surprise anyways...oh well it was still great.  
growing up, Ruby Chinese was our families very favorite place to eat.  every holiday, every birthday any special occasion we were eating at the big round table at Rubys, spinning the lazy susan around with entirely too much food on it. we even got to go into the kitchen as children and watch mr. phat cook and make our own birthday cakes :) 
when Paul, the owner decided to move to Dallas....we were soooo sad :( 
mr. phat went to work at 2stix, it wasnt the same.  he has since retired and is quite old. 
my sister got the great idea of getting mr. phat to come and make dinner for paps birthday!!! 
after working with several people and being told the he is a very messy cook and would destroy the kitchen, 2stix allowed him to cook anything we wanted there! 
we picked the menu, set up early and had a ball :) 

this was left over from someones bday! 

they had these zodiac placemats at Rubys so i hunted them down here in memphis so it could be as close to the real thing as possible!

 bad pic, #dark #iphone but here is the chef!!!! & the birthday boy!

sizzling rice soup 

egg rolls

moo shu beef

party people

sooo much food, way too much

mongolian beef & there was more, princess prawns, dumplings oh my.

just SOME of the take home boxes!

too full for cake, no one ate it but angel did flip the numbers around!

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