Thursday, January 26, 2012


january 21st 2012 we, along with about 30 other loved ones celebrated our precious baby as she turned a whole year old! 
we decided to have a brunch, we had to plan around nap time of course. since january is so gloomy and dark, we had a "you are my sunshine" theme! i have probably sung LC that song a million times since she has been born and while i was pregnant. also i love yellow and sunshines are HAPPY!
we ate entirely too much sugar, laughed and loved on our butter bean. 
thank you Lord for such a happy healthy baby girl! :) 

thanks to my friend and amazing artist, jennifer ferguson for the invites!!!

the birthday girl wakes up from her nap!

always with a smile on her face :) 


donut kabobs! 

i love this piece of milk glass. it was landons grandmothers 

mmmmmm...nothing healthy here

my fav was the cheese grits. my mom is known for them.

i think i am going to leave this happy guy up until he falls down! 

CAKE! from "Oh my Ganache" Bakery 

chocolate milk was a HIT!

i made these from paint sample colors!  so easy 

one blessed little girl 

bored from opening gifts so she became one

i dog!!!

 staring at her candle... i was so nervous for some reason!!! oh and that thing on her head... pretend its a crown! did not turn out like we had planned ha! 

her grandmother, mimi made the little sunshine cake! 
 first taste of sugar in her whole little life.... :( 

uhhhh o!!!

uhhhhh o'er!!!

she didnt get too far past the icing! 

this is susan & JD! she is a dear friend, also the photographer of all of these photos, thanks susan! 

nephew chipper (he is having a blast) mims, aunt tammy & uncle jeff!

sweet Bobbitts :) 

random fun with random family on our make-shift photo wall! 

she loves her uncle/aunt mo&wo! 

Andy, Catherine & Stephen 

my parents and a sleepy birthday girl! 



butter bean and family ;) 

 grands with nonnie!

 walking with tia! 

LC LOVES rams :) 

 Mondue made her a pony boy! 

one of LCs favorites, Maddie! 

her expression 90% of the time! ooooowwwww
i love this little girl! 



Lula Smith said...

I love the smiley face mask your dad has. Also, I'm craving chocolate milk.

Amanda said...

SOOOO precious!! I know she had a blast. What a sweet party for such a sweet little girl. And I would like one donut kabob pls!