Wednesday, February 22, 2012

february funness

isn't it sad that you have to go back and look at photos to see what has been going on? 
time flies by so fast! 
thank goodness for my iphone.  it captures the daily special squirts of joy :) 
seems i never have my good camera within arms reach when i want to grab the daily cuteness of LC, something i am working on this year. 

earlier this month, i went to las vegas with my sister.  we went to magic, an apparel and accessories show for our family retail boutique.  
we started each day bright and early at the market and walked our fannies off. i have a love hate relationship with market, going for so many years i used to think it was i enjoy it! 
oh yea, lots of eating, we love yummy food. 
i love my sister too :) 

heading out somewhere, don't remember! 

waiting on our flight home, sooo excited to see my little girl! 

landon had a few days off this week and for once, the weather was perfect. memphis and good weather with a 13 month old = zoo day!!! 

on our way!  the zoo has an iphone app that i took this pic in, i forgot about it once we got there! 

sassy girl :) 

we got there in time to watch the giraffes eat lettuce with that ugly 18 inch long tongue! 

this little girl loves her daddy!

we hoodlums 


they both loved the elephants. its landons favorite animal. 

Young Avenue Deli.... theses beer battered pickles= ToDieFor

i love this little girl so much 

turned 13 months today wore her out!!!

(13 months)

smiles all the time
loves chickadees 
walks then falls 
you like to spit out your food and laugh
you LOVE to dance, even in your car seat you are bobbin up and down
your favorite thing to do in your room is open the door to your diaper changing table and empty out the bottom drawer and put it all back in
you love baths 
you will walk to someone, even across the kitchen but you havent taken off yet! 

day day (fe)

foods you have liked lately:
black bean burgers 
brown rice 
chicken, turkey
crackers of course 
all fruits 

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