Thursday, October 18, 2012

biiiiiig movie

today was a big day. 
first real theater movie ever...
finding nemo 3D, could have done without the 3D :) 
glasses were so big they kept  falling off of her, plus they got on my nerves too and you pay
kids get in free before the age of 2! we will take advantage of that for 2 more months!
she was soooo excited to go see a biiiig fish movie!!!
i worked it up real good so she would be excited and in worked! 
she did excellent! watched the entire movie and no fits! 
i took (snuck in) enough veggie straws and dried fruit to feed 10 people, but i wanted to make sure we were good and occupied! 
luckily we were the ONLY people in the entire room!!!!! perfect for beginners!
we went to the 12:00 showing, apparently people eat lunch then ;)

yes i asked the popcorn lady to take our picture 

diva eating her nack...

did not want to leave and acting like a 2 year old... :)
sweet girl was so good 


Susan P. said... it!! so glad you asked the nice popcorn lady to take your pic :) and awesome that you had the place all to yourself...i'm going to have to remember that noon is the time to take in a movie!

Amanda said...

I will NEVER forget Evan's first movie!! It is such a big deal! Luke still hasn't made it to the movies. Maybe he can take LC on a date soon. :)