Thursday, October 18, 2012

great grandmothers love

LC loves to go and visit her great grandmothers. Nonnie is in hermitage gardens. We go and visit her as often as we can. LC love to push her in her wheel chair and visit the birds in the lobby. She also loves going to Mondue and Mimi's house. Mimi my grandmothers 90 year old sister who moved in next door, literally connected to the house... There is never a full moment with these two ladies who think they are 25!!! We have to take things from them so they don't play with them, things like chain saws, ladders, riding mowers... They are do independent and always have been and do not enjoy getting older and not being able to whip up whatever the latest project may be. Yesterday we found the car we played in when we were younger & LC loved it.

pushing nonnie!
sitting with nonnie at her dinner table 

silly mondue
playing the mini piano at joe and jimmys house 
mimis 90th bday party 

car from years ago 

mondue was singing rock a baby...rock a bye 
this was too funny not to share!!! landons brother, lance and the crew in mondues wood working shop 

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