Wednesday, April 10, 2013

praying for friends

i recently went to a kids ministry conference along with 14 other people from our church. 
we learned a lot of great wisdom on ministering to children/families but i was also very excited that compassion ministries was partnering with the conference. 
we decided as a family to adopt a child and support her monthly. 
her name is kenia and she is an adorable 5 year old.
each night landon and i put lc to bed we pray together and we pray for kenia every night. 
i want lc to understand, even at a young age that we are so blessed and need to help others. 
we try and explain to her that kenia does not always have food to eat...that really speaks volumes to my hungry all the time 2 year old. 
i pray that lc will learn to pray for others and not be always focused on our own needs but also the ones of others as well. 
it warms my heart as we are brushing teeth/putting on pj's when lc reminds us to pray for kenia. 
we have her picture hanging in her room. 
i pray that one day she will have a servants heart and love and care for others, especially the needy. 

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Emily Lin said...

So awesome!! Love that LC can learn about this at such a young age. :)